Go-Micro 微服务框架使用入门

Go-Mirco 框架之基础

Posted by pandaychen on March 1, 2020

0x00 介绍

Go-Micro:是一个 Pure Golang 的微服务开发框架(旧版本 nitro):官方介绍如下

Micro is built as a microservices architecture and abstracts away the complexity of the underlying infrastructure. We compose this as a single logical server to the user but decompose that into the various building block primitives that can be plugged into any underlying system.

下面是目前 3.0 版本的架构图: micro-3


  • API - HTTP Gateway which dynamically maps http/json requests to RPC using path based resolution
  • Auth - Authentication and authorization out of the box using jwt tokens and rule based access control.
  • Broker - Ephemeral pubsub messaging for asynchronous communication and distributing notifications
  • Config - Dynamic configuration and secrets management for service level config without the need to restart
  • Events - Event streaming with ordered messaging, replay from offsets and persistent storage
  • Network - Inter-service networking, isolation and routing plane for all internal request traffic
  • Proxy - gRPC identity aware proxy used for remote access and any external grpc request traffic
  • Runtime - Service lifecyle and process management with support for source to running auto build
  • Registry - Centralised service discovery and API endpoint explorer with feature rich metadata
  • Store - Key-Value storage with TTL expiry and persistent crud to keep microservices stateless

Server 的核心模块,服务注册 / 负载均衡 / 传输方法 / 消息队列 / 消息编码解码 / 服务端封装 / 客户端封装: 1、Registry
提供一套服务注册、发现、注销、监测机制,服务注册中心支持 consul、etcd2/3、zookeeper、gossip、k8s、eureka 等


微服务间同步请求 / 响应通信方式,相对 Go 标准 net 包做了更高的抽象,支持更多的传输方式,如 http、gRPC、tcp、udp、Rabbitmq 等

微服务间异步发布 / 订阅通信方式,更好的处理分布式系统解耦问题,默认使用 http 方式,生产环境通常会使用消息中间件,如 Kafka、RabbitMQ、NSQ 等

服务间消息的编解码,支持 json、protobuf、bson、msgpack 等,与普通编码格式不同都是支持 RPC 格式

用于启动服务,为服务命名、注册 Handler、添加中间件等

提供微服务客户端,通过 Registry、Selector、Transport、Broker 实现以服务名来查找服务、负载均衡、同步通信、异步消息等



2、微服务之间通信,两个微服务之间的通信是基于 C/S 模型,即服务发请求方充当 Client,服务接收方充当 Server。其通信过程大致如下图: micro-normal-2

0x02 GoMicro 的项目架构


0x03 项目使用

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